What’s your weapon? (Weapon gallery)

If you find that a weapon is missing and you got a screenshot, please share!

Special effects such as particles doesn't show in the previewer so most screenshots here does not fully reflect how the weapons actually look.






Weapons by order credits to RaizinMonk

What are these orders?

Event weapons

Shadow of the Mad King

Album (with simple animations)

Hall of Monuments(HoM) Rewards

What is Hall of Monuments?

  1. Heritage Shoes, Boots, Warboots
  2. Heritage Pants, Legguards, Legplates
  3. Heritage Great Coat, Jerkin, Warplate
  4. Heritage Gloves, Armguards, Gauntlets
  5. Heritage Mantle, Shoulderpads, Pauldrons
  6. Heritage Masque, Bandana, Warhelm
  7. Gnarled Walking Stick
  8. Living Shortbow
  9. Orange Tabby Cat
  10. Fiery Dragon Sword
  11. Diamond Aegis
  12. Baroque Mask
  13. Centurion's Claw
  14. Wheelock Rifle
  15. Orrian Baby Chick, Black Moa
  16. Wayward Wand
  17. Seathunder Pistol
  18. Heavenly Bracers
  19. Deldrimor Mace
  20. Chimeric Prism, Rainbow Jellyfish
  21. Rockfur Raccoon
  22. Ithas Longbow
  23. Fellblade
  24. Icelord's Diadem
  25. Ice Breaker, White Raven Skin
  26. Flaming Beacon
  27. Red Servitor Golem
  28. Stygian Reaver
  29. Mountaincall Warhorn
  30. Fire God's Vambraces, Black Widow Spider

Update notes

Update 5:

  • Added some weapons from the 2012 Halloween event, Shadow of the Mad King.

Update 4:

  • Vigil and Whisperer weapons are now properly linking to their respective albums (thanks vasdrakken for reporting the mistake!)

Update 3:

  • Added weapons by order (credits goes to RaizinMonk)
  • Added the HoM list with links to most of the weapon rewards.

Update 2:

  • Revamped the aquatic weapons gallery – they're now categorized "properly" as Harpoon Guns, Spears and Tridents. Also added the rest of the aquatic weapons.
  • Added another angle for daggers, pistols, swords, torches and warhorns – Now you can actually see the daggers and pistols.
  • Added animated pictures for a few daggers, swords, torches and warhorns.
  • Added missing models: Forest Shield, Whisperer Shield, Bone Short Bow and Whisperer Pistol.

Update 1:

  • Added some aquatic weapons – the list was very placeholderish.

submitted by wioum to Guildwars2
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via reddit: the front page of the internet http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/y1jz9/whats_your_weapon_weapon_gallery/


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