Updated – [Map] A Historical Guide to Tyria, GW1 locations in GW2

Hello my fellow explorers! I have just uploaded the first (and probably last until an expansion arrives) update of the Historical Guide to Tyria. More info on how the map was made can be found in my previous post.

What is new

  • Much higher resolution (Bask in the glory of 100Mpx!)
  • Now available in Large, Medium and Small
  • Points of interest that weren't on the initial release:
  • Fixed a typo with Longeye’s Ledge
  • Fixed some minor typesetting bugs


Note: Press the download button at the top to get the full image.

I will post an updated version of the locations in a comment below, and a big thank you for all your comments and suggestions!

submitted by that_shaman to Guildwars2
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via reddit: the front page of the internet http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/11gipm/updated_map_a_historical_guide_to_tyria_gw1/


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